Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk (whysteriastar) wrote,
Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk

This will be the best Xmas ever. I love Zeon so much and I'm so excited to exchange presents with him. We're going to move in together probably in February, which is awesome!!!
I figured out that I've been getting headaches from tension in my neck pulling down on my skull. Also, I'm becoming lactose intolerant, which sucks since I love cheese so fucking much. It is easy enough to cure...easier than the $4000 bill from the hospital that it took to diagnose this.

My job rocks. Zeon rocks. Paul and Ninni rock and we started to make ginger bread things yesterday at their house and I love them. Charlie and Percy are punks, but I love them.

Yep, I'm pretty happy.
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