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Somethings gotta give...something, anything...please? [entries|friends|calendar]
Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk

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New eBay Auctions [Tuesday
November fucking 23rd @ 11:49am]
I'm selling a bunch of great stuff over at eBay right now, including a leather jacket, a vinyl nurse garter dress, a short pink lolita skirt, a black pin up party dress, a Threadless "Caged" tee, a Muppets Animal tee and a cute polka dot skirt.

More pics at the jumpCollapse )
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eBay Bonanza [Friday
June fucking 18th @ 12:56pm]
I'm selling a ton of stuff on ebay right now, including corsets, a Betsey Johnson bra and the lolita skirt seen below. Click around and see if there's anything you like.
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Buy My Lolita Skirt [Saturday
October fucking 3rd @ 10:31pm]
This 29" waist lolita skirt doesn't fit me and I never got a chance to wear it. It's super cute and you can get it for a great price!
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A few good sites [Monday
July fucking 13th @ 10:09am]
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Tripp Skiny Jeans & Skelanimals Shirt [Monday
July fucking 13th @ 10:08am]
I'm selling a few clothing items on ebay right now. The photos link directly to the auction. The shirt is a size XL and the pants are a size 11. If you have any questions, just ask.

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August fucking 29th @ 11:09am]

I’ve listed some more stuff on eBay. I have a vintage lot of Winnie the Pooh Toys here.

A PSP with 4 games here.

Dark Future miniatures here.

And a Ghost in the Shell model kit here.

Don’t forget the punk tees and school girl clothing lots I listed earlier that can be found here and here. And more stuff will be coming, so keep an eye out.

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August fucking 28th @ 7:27pm]
I am selling quite a few clothes on eBay right now and will be listing more throughout the week. Stop by and check out my merchandise by clicking here or here. There's a punk rock band tee lot and a hot lot of school girl clothes.
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Dogville Shorts - So quiet on the canine front - excerpt [Friday
August fucking 15th @ 8:10pm]
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Contest on my blog [Sunday
August fucking 10th @ 9:20am]
I'm hosting a contest at my blog, www.ruethedayblog.com.

It's a weird link contest. You have until next Friday to submit the link to the weirdest site you know via the "submit a link" tab or via email to admin@ruethedayblog.com. The winner will receive Choke, written by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club. And one random participant who also signs up for the RSS feed will win a random cd of my choice...how exciting.
Be sure to include your REAL email address so I can contact you if you win.
All links I like will get featured on RTD and the winner will be chosen exclusively by me mwahahahaha. If things go well, we'll do this again.
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July fucking 1st @ 3:44pm]
Hi everyone,

You know I don't normally bug all of you, but I really need a favor. I'm entered in an online contest and to win, I need to get as many people as possible to subscribe to my blog, http://www.ruethedayblog.com

I know a lot of people don't even know what subscribing to a blog means, but it's easy and free. All you need to do is go to the site, http://www.ruethedayblog.com and click on the orange button on the right side next to the word "subscribe." It will then bring you to the subscription page. You can get email updates or you can subscribe to a feed reader. If you don't subscribe to any other blogs, click "view feed XML" and then confirm the subscription. Doing it this way will subscribe you through your browser.

Once you've done that, please pass along to your friends to help me out and get more people to subscribe.

Thanks for the help!
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June fucking 4th @ 4:04pm]
I started some blogs, go check them out.
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April fucking 4th @ 5:04pm]
Hey there, I'm selling some stuff on Amazon and eBay, everything from Lucky 13 clothes, a rare Mark Ryden book, Nintendo DS games, cds, DVDs and more. Check out my listings at:
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January fucking 15th @ 10:16am]
So I got kicked out of my trailer because Zeon told Valerie what a cunt she is. Now I'm living in hos condo. It's not the best, but at least I get to be with my love every day now.
We're getting a new place soon. I'm so excited. Things are FINALLY starting to look up.
Of course, that's after a $4500 hospital bill, $300 traffic ticket, a bitch of a sister and all the other things going wrong in my life, but something was bound to happen that didn't suck.
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December fucking 17th @ 1:14pm]
Life is so bipolar. It's like it has to throw you the largest shit pile in the world in order for you to be able to climb up to the golden rainbow at the top. Like you can't have one without the other.

I'm homeless, living at Zeon's for now. Explosions took place between my sister and I. I'll be sad to not see her baby, but I've always been a good sister to her and got little in return, so I'm glad to have her out of my life at this point. Still I feel shitty though. I sometimes hate being a nice person. I want to tell her how I feel without just screaming at her and having her scream at me, but that will never happen. Right now I have to break in to get my own stuff because I'm not welcome at my own house. She's a bitch. Oh well.
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December fucking 14th @ 11:24am]
This will be the best Xmas ever. I love Zeon so much and I'm so excited to exchange presents with him. We're going to move in together probably in February, which is awesome!!!
I figured out that I've been getting headaches from tension in my neck pulling down on my skull. Also, I'm becoming lactose intolerant, which sucks since I love cheese so fucking much. It is easy enough to cure...easier than the $4000 bill from the hospital that it took to diagnose this.

My job rocks. Zeon rocks. Paul and Ninni rock and we started to make ginger bread things yesterday at their house and I love them. Charlie and Percy are punks, but I love them.

Yep, I'm pretty happy.
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November fucking 14th @ 10:13am]
Birthday's on Sunday, exciting. We're doing so much cool stuff this week too, went to Universal yesterday, free dinner at the Boat House tomorrow, hanging out with a bunch of friends on Friday night although I still don't know what we're doing, nice dinner on Sunday with just me and Zeon and then the family dinner at the butcher shop on Tuesday. Sounds so awesome!
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October fucking 15th @ 10:07am]
Hey there,
I'm starting a small clothing company shortly and to get some funds together to start it, I'm selling some books, videos, cds, etc. on Amazon. Please check out my store front and see if there's anything you're interested in.
Also, I'm selling a really rare art movie on ebay know as "Pig!" check it out and please bid if you're interested. Thanks so much!
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Life is neat sometimes [Friday
October fucking 5th @ 1:33pm]
Life is going pretty good. I have a BF I really get along with. We both want the same things, which is seriously amazing. It's only been a month, but we really just click...it's fantastic. Last weekend we went to LA and it was so fun. We both love art toys and graffiti, so we had a blast on Melrose...plus, I got the sickest jacket and petti-coat while shopping.

My job has proven to be so mentally un-stimulating I can't stand it...so I quit. Today's my last day. I'll be selling some shit on ebay, using my savings and credit cards for a little while, but I'm not too stressed on money right now. Thank god I have no rent for the time being.

I've got a writing gig now. I'm writing a show review and getting paid $150 per article. It feels good to be creative and writing again...I was being very stagnant with it for a while.

I'm also likely to get a 15-20 hour a week position as a personal assistant, which is pretty sick. It's cool too because it's with a guy who owns a tattoo website and a writing website about San Diego. Also, the job would involve PR and cooking....it's a full plethora of things I like.

I miss my homies a bit, but I've been pretty busy, so it's not too bad I guess.

Octoberfest and Jenny's b-day are this weekend...so good stuff is coming.
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September fucking 18th @ 1:40pm]
Funny how much things can change in so little time. I didn't realize how much my going to Europe the last time had changed me, but it really did. I can't focus on certain things that used to not bother me. I'm so all over the place...it's not a bad thing, except at work. I just cannot deal with having a job these days, I go crazy, I fake sick all the time, I fuck off and never even do the job I'm paid to do. For now, I'm just quiting, but I'm pretty sure any job I take will end up the same. It all just seems like such a waste of time and energy. I'd rather scrounge and have fun than work and waste this life.
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August fucking 22nd @ 3:04pm]
rollercon picsCollapse )
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