Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk (whysteriastar) wrote,
Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk

Life is neat sometimes

Life is going pretty good. I have a BF I really get along with. We both want the same things, which is seriously amazing. It's only been a month, but we really just click...it's fantastic. Last weekend we went to LA and it was so fun. We both love art toys and graffiti, so we had a blast on Melrose...plus, I got the sickest jacket and petti-coat while shopping.

My job has proven to be so mentally un-stimulating I can't stand it...so I quit. Today's my last day. I'll be selling some shit on ebay, using my savings and credit cards for a little while, but I'm not too stressed on money right now. Thank god I have no rent for the time being.

I've got a writing gig now. I'm writing a show review and getting paid $150 per article. It feels good to be creative and writing again...I was being very stagnant with it for a while.

I'm also likely to get a 15-20 hour a week position as a personal assistant, which is pretty sick. It's cool too because it's with a guy who owns a tattoo website and a writing website about San Diego. Also, the job would involve PR and cooking....it's a full plethora of things I like.

I miss my homies a bit, but I've been pretty busy, so it's not too bad I guess.

Octoberfest and Jenny's b-day are this weekend...so good stuff is coming.
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